Tuesday, April 29, 2014

my mom came to visit!

A few weeks ago my mom flew out to visit for a week. It was so, so much fun to have her here.
Sometimes just having your mom around makes life a lot sweeter. We had a blast!

IMG_2371 IMG_2375

^My brother, Dallin, is serving a mission in the Provo, Utah Mission. His 22nd birthday happened to fall over when my mom was in town.
His mission home is just 30 minutes away from Katie’s house.
We packed a bunch of hearts to heart attack him (ya know, hearts with sayings on them?) and a little gift. With his favorite, freshly made cookies!
We took a million pictures trying to get the perfect one of us in front of his mission home.
It was a lot of fun!



We ventured out to see a movie, just the 3 of us, one evening and ended up missing all the show times. So we wandered into the only store open at the time, a candy shop.
I can’t stop laughing at my mom’s face in the picture of all three of us.



I could spend an entire post on Eleanora & and mom. Eleanora is gaga over her Nana. When my mom left she told Eleanora she had to go home to make Bapa dinner.
Eleanora tells me everyday that Nana is coming back because Bapa has his lunch now. She loves her Nana!


We miss you, already!

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Mary said...

These pictures cracked me up! So funny. How cool you were able to take Dallin something!