Tuesday, March 18, 2014

last week.

Is it really already Tuesday?! Levi's been going into work late, so he can see Eleanora for an hour each day, and we've been sleeping in passed 7:00am,
so my days have seemed to FLY by. I wake up and feel like it's already time for lunch!
The days go even quicker when Levi let's little ole me sleep in until 9:00 (when he leaves for work). 

We only have 1 car right now, so when I have things going on during the day that I need the car for I drive Levi to and from work.
That means I’m picking him up after 11:00 sometimes. The city never ceases to amaze me at night. It’s so still & beautiful.


(left) Eleanora has been playing Barbies lately – with Lightening McQueen & Mater. ;]
(right) Katie babysat Eleanora while I had a midwife appointment last week and then we spent a few hours hanging out at her house.

Eleanora is ever curious these days…


We attended a Tea Party and Eleanora had a BLAST.
Mostly she was excited to not have pretend liquid in her teapots & HELLO… cupcakes!!


When you’re 2 the whole world is your playground!


I just love my little family. My heart is bursting lately is appreciation for them.
I’m married to the most patient & resolved man I’ve ever met, and I get to squish the cutest little cheeks all day long. Two is, so far, my very favorite age.

Not without hard moments each day, life is pretty dang wonderful, ya know? I feel like I can do anything if I have these 2 by my side.


Carla TBB said...

How cute are those babies! I almost died with the diaper photo!
Congratulations on your lovely family! I wish to have one myself one day :)
The Beauty Break

Melissa Blake said...

Hi there -- you won the Today Was A Good Day print on my blog! Congrats! Email me at mellow1422 (at) aol (dot) com, so we can get your print sent off! :)