Thursday, January 2, 2014

On fine frenzies and a new year

Levi and I went out to celebrate our 3rd anniversary this week. As we were driving we talked about the past 3 years and all that they have held for us. It feels like each year has been jam-packed with great things and really hard things. We have grown together and closer through it all and I am so thankful for that. I sound like a broken record, I feel pretty lucky to be married to a man whom I think is as amazing as this world has to offer. 

I was thinking how different this last year has seemed. Our little family really grew to become 'we' instead of individuals. We all went through some really trying times and came out on the other end better off.  Luckily 2013 was outweighed with good things. But I will say this -- it's a year I am happy to bid 'adieu.' 2013, you stretched more than we thought we could be stretched. 

Every year Levi and I pick a theme for our year. We don't really focus on resolutions, per say, just a theme for the year. 2011 was our year of love (newlyweds). 2012 was the year of travel. And 2013 was our year of health. 

Levi found a new love of cycling and biked to and from work everyday while we lived in Hawaii. I lost about 30 pounds through portion control and more meaningful fitness. And we both dealt with some health related issues that we are happy to say are on the mend. :) We had a lot of fun trying new health crazes and making a point to be active as a family. We made a point to focus on all the aspects of health and not get bogged down by one area. Eleanora does a really great jumping jack now! We all learned a lot about ourselves & each other. It was a perfect theme. 

Given what an incredibly hard year 2013 was we decided the McFarlane home needed a little bit of fun! So, we dubbed 2014 as our YEAR OF FUN!!! We both can't wait to see what the next 12 months hold for us; I can't wait to party it up in 2014. 

14 is one of my lucky numbers, so I am taking that as a good sign -- 2014, I love ya already!

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Melanie said...

Did you move away from Hawaii?