Monday, November 11, 2013

eleanora at 2 {and lots of pictures!}

So, my baby is two, waaaah waaah waaaah! I figure I need to keep a record of how and who she is lately.


Age: 2


  • Color: toss up between pink & yellow
  • food: cheese quesadillas and grapes
  • book: where the wild things are or Good night Gorilla
  • toy: her "dolly house" and dolls

talks and talks and talks. Everyday she says new words I didn't know she knew and have no idea where she learned them. 

So far this is my favorite stage. Oh, I miss the newborn days like crazy {of course}. But this little 30 pound beauty has got 60 pounds of personality and I am loving it! Watching someone grow into their personality everyday for 2 years is something special. 

Eleanora loves anything art. She loves to paint, color, use stickers, help me decorate, etc... I even found her in our bedroom with picture frames and the hammer (still don't know where she got that from) hammering away at our wall. 

She loves to giggle and is a major daddy's girl. As soon as dad comes home mom is out of the picture. Those two have a special bond and I am so thankful they have each other. 

Eleanora loves to snuggle & read stories. "Dada bed! Read!" can be heard on average 2-3 times a day. We'll spend a good 30-45 minutes (a lifetime in toddler years) on our bed reading every book in circulation right now. 

Her little sense of humor is a crack up. She loves making people laugh & doing silly things. this combined with her rockin' dance skills makes for some very entertaining dance parties.

speaking of dancing, when this girl hears a beat, song, or melody her little body has to move! And her moves will put most grown adults to shame.

Oh we love our Eleanora so much! We are so lucky everyday to have her in our lives.

We loved having year 2 with you and look forward to seeing who you become in year 3! 

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The Maumau's said...

Happy birthday Elenora! What a beautiful girl!!!! Much love from the mainland Maumau's :)